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KCSM Mission

KCSM Vision:

We will be the first choice in public jazz radio.

KCSM- Jazz 91 Mission:

Funded by community support, we craft extraordinary jazz programming, delivering the music and its related history to inspire and enlighten jazz listeners and artists worldwide.

KCSM Values:

Education: We are dedicated to the pursuit of education in all its forms; we embrace curiosity and constantly seek to expand learning opportunities for all our constituents.

Quality: We deliver our products through an understanding of our community, expertise in our subject matter, defined, reliable processes, and exemplary customer service.

Trustworthiness: Our actions and behavior lead people to trust that KCSM will consistently bring them honest, reliable and unbiased programming.

Pioneering: We explore ways of using new technology by taking calculated risks, create new working models, and actively expand our offerings to enhance the lives of our constituents.

Uniqueness: We celebrate individuality and passion, harnessing the creative spirit in order to provide programming found nowhere else.