Become a KCSM Challenge Grant Partner

Our community relies on KCSM daily, and we rely on businesses three times a year during our pledge drives. It would be difficult for KCSM to host a successful fund drive without the participation of individuals and business leaders throughout the community.

A challenge grant is a donation offered to KCSM with the stipulation that the donation must be matched by additional listener contributions. KCSM announces challenge grants on-air and asks our listeners to match the available funds. KCSM only receives the challenge grant if the listener contributions match the challenge amount. Example: If a donor offers a $1,000 challenge grant during a specific hour or show, listener donations must match the $1,000 during that hour or show.

Why Sponsor a Challenge Grant?

Encourages Listener Participation. Challenge grants are a great way to encourage other listeners to get involved and support the station they love. In fact, they've been known to cause our phones to ring off the hook! Challenge grants are a great way to motivate listeners to call with their financial support.

Market your Organization, Business, Band or School. Organizations and businesses that sponsor challenge grants are recognized on-air during the challenge grant period. Audience research continues to show that public radio listeners appreciate businesses and organizations that support public radio!

How It works

  • You choose when you would like to make your challenge to listeners. It could be when your favorite announcer is on the air, it could be during your favorite show or you could let us choose to use your challenge grant where we need it most.
  • During your scheduled challenge time period, our on-air hosts will announce your name and/or business and talk about how and why you support our community's public radio station: KCSM
  • We encourage you to share your "Challenge" on social media to encourage supporters to boost donations during your time period.

A typical challenge grant script sounds like this:

"Your name/business" has provided a generous challenge to our listeners and will match every donation made during this hour dollar for dollar! This is a chance to add even more value to your pledge of support. Thank you to "your name/business" for their support of our fundraising efforts.

How To Sponsor A Challenge Grant

We are currently working partially remote, so the best way to contact Station Manager Dante Betteo for more information or to schedule a challenge grant for an upcoming pledge drive is by email You can also call direct to 650-524-6903 and leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.