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First Watch: Sigrid, 'Don't Kill My Vibe'

From a tiny city in Norway comes a young woman with a powerful voice. "Don't Kill My Vibe" is the debut single from Sigrid. I took this as a "kiss off" song, but the beauty of this track is how malleable it feels in so many situations, from workmates to everyday frustrations.

I was drawn to the simple settings of the video. Sigrid looks comfortable sitting on a bed, then on a piano stool and it feels like she must home. But after giving it more thought, it looks too settled for a twenty-year-old. Sigrid wrote and told me it was actually her childhood home in Ålesund. "It's the most beautiful city in Norway (hehe)," she says, "surrounded by the big sea and huge mountains and it's a really cozy place. My childhood home is very important to me, and I miss my family all the time. The piano in our house is , and is probably my best friend in addition to my human friends. I'm lucky to have had my childhood in Ålesund, and it's definitely a cool place to visit!"

Sigrid wrote her first music living there and put out songs when she was still in high school and already getting play on national radio. When she was 18 she left Ålesund and moved to Bergen and fit into the music scene there. She's now signed to Island Records, moving between Bergen and London. I expect more soon from Sigrid, but for now enjoy her first major release.

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